• G. Rösner starts to study sports, biology and chemistry – with the background to work later as a teacher at a secondary school.
  • He grew up with a agricultural background – his grandfather Mr. Spanner had a seed trade and bred the first feed sunflower seeds in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich.
  • After his apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant he started to work in the family business in the 80s.
  • “His” organic way he continued consistently with the Rösner Vertriebs GmbH
Georg Rösner - Geschäftsleitung
Georg Rösner


Personal statement of Mr. Rosner regarding to his company and the produced organic products:

“We have oriented exclusively to premium quality and everybody can convince about that easily by tasting. The taste experience alone has been our evidence for this. We belong to the “Premium-Pioneers” in the organic sector and we also afford across all sectors over the working groups of AOEL and in cooperation with various authorities significantly necessary groundwork.


Organic-scandals, frauds and consumer deceptions of which we heard, we have always uncovered and fighted. In our opinion the customer has a claim on a real and qualitative equivalent value, which he also expects by buying higher priced organic food. We stand for this with our name and try to reach fairness and product safety for consumers with all its consequences.This is not comfortable and requires especially in dealing with the authorities full commitment, determination and perseverance. “

Your Georg Rösner