With the production of organic sweets Georg Roesner Vertriebs GmbH has already begun over 25 years ago and is now one of the market leaders in the organic sweets industry. The products made by Roesner stands for highest product safety, standardized top qualities, authentic raw materials and of course the highest taste and enjoyment factor.

  • our organic-Import-Export-Wholesale was founded in 1986. 
  • location: Lower Bavaria, the city of Straubing
  • current number of employees: 25

our products:

  • organic fruit gum
  • organic liquorice
  • organic chocolate dragees
  • organic marshmellows
  • organic choco jelly bananas


our company policy:

It is the recognized aim of our company to produce high quality products which match the needs of our customers.

We set the focus of our business activities on the production of 100% organic products and the use of authentic raw materials.

Other focal points of our corporate policy:

  • ecology and sustainability
  • to act and work under ethical principles
  • high employee responsibility
  • product safety
  • legality of our products from the perspective of national and EU legislation